BUTTERFLY LUXE | Crystal Clutch Bag


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Unleash the party vibe with our stunning Butterfly Clutch Bag – designed for every occasion!

Why choose our luxury clutch bags?

1. Style & Fashion: Elevate your overall look with a stylish accessory that exudes elegance.

2. Occasion Versatility: From weddings to casual outings, our clutches offer versatility & fashion in one.

3. Convenience & Portability: Experience the ease of carrying essentials in a compact, portable solution, without compromising on style.

  • Dimension: L20*B5.5*H9.5 Cms
  • Material: HardCase Metal Body
  • Lining : PolyUrethane
  • Provided: 2 Golden Long &Short Chains, Extra Crystals

All Our Premium Crystal Clutch Bags come beautifully wrapped in our Fancy Double Frame Packaging boxes.

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